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Botox Injections




This 24-karat gold micro-infusion device delivers a pain-free treatment, which makes it a great choice for sensitive areas like forehead, lips, eye area, hands, neck, and chest. Botox and dermal filler are micro-channeled into the top layer of skin, improving sun damage, pore size, acne scars, fine lines, pigmentation, and skin texture. Not limited to the face, so treatment includes as many of recommended areas as can be done with the amount of included product.


An injectable used to relax lines between the eyes, sometimes called the 11 lines, on the forehead, and around the eye area or crow's feet. It has gained popularity in more recent years to also give a subtle lift to the eyebrows, or upper "lip flip" to add the appearance of fullness in the upper lip, or to improve a "gummy" smile.

Dermal Fillers


*6 unit minimum


An injectable made from hyaluronic acid used to add lift and volume to areas like cheeks, hands, and lips; with the ability to smooth those deeper lines around the mouth too. Enhance your natural features and add a touch of rejuvenation to your skin.

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